The best price:

  • While forming the price policy, we guarantee the most optimal price of our products for you;
  • Individual approach to each customer, taking into account all other offers available on the market; 
  • Strict adherence to all written and verbal agreements.


High quality of our production:

  • We use the high-quality eco-friendly wood. Our production is being regularly checked by radiological inspection systems;
  • Eco-friendly production process excludes any use of chemicals. Uniqueness of the process consists of steaming and disinfection of the wood billets under the high temperature without using caustic soda and other scarifiers, without bleaching the products with chlorine or hydrogen peroxide, without covering the ready sticks with paraffin wax. That makes our production look naturally and does not spoil the taste of final products(ice cream, frozen juice, drinks and other food);
  • We’ve developed specifications that meet international quality standards;
  • Sanitary inspection conclusions are attached to all our production process. Tests, examinations and measurements by governmental supervisory authorities take place on a regular basis;
  • All stages of production are carried out in specially equipped rooms to meet all safety standards, by neat employees who have been regularly health checked, who work only in a uniform, These requirements to our production process results in an absolutely pure and safe products;
  • Individual exceptional responsibility of every employee at his workplace, rigorously monitored by department heads, team leaders and head of production;
  • The premises and the whole production process is under control of CCTV and security services of the company 24/7;
  • Unique patented technology and production method provides the accurate dimensions of the product and does not allow any geometric distortion, and, moreover, there is a careful two-step inspection by the scrupulous employees in order to get the perfect condition of the product;
  • The high-speed cutting system, which has no analogues in the world, leaves no ragged edges and burrs. Improved system of resurfacing and final polishing provides  perfect smoothness of the products;
  • This is why our quality products are suitable for all types of the high-speed equipment of every manufacturer;
  • Products usually packed in cartridges (50 pieces), and placed in boxes with packets which prevent it from moisturizing.


In-time delivery and stability of work:

  • We guarantee a stable supply by our experience  -  more than 13 years of proven business reliability;
  • We have formed a team of responsible and executive employees;
  • We work only with honest and time-tested suppliers of wood;
  • We have our own tool area, and highly skilled engineers who are able to resolve even the most complex malfunction in the shortest period of time;
  • The amount of equipment and personnel can provide any necessary volume of production.


Our partners are the largest producers of Ukraine. Our customers - a number of producers of ice cream and other food in CIS, Europe and Asia.

Contact information: +38 (0472) 65-14-84 (office)