The Ukrdrev was founded in 2001 with the narrow focus of production:  high-quality popsicle sticks (ice cream sticks) that meet the world standards.


The Ukrdrev Ltd. occupies a leading position on the market of Ukraine and CIS countries. The company occupies more than a hectare of land and two million square meters of buildings, designed and built specifically for the ice cream sticks production.


The foundation of the company’s successful development is:

  • full cycle of wood processing (from trees purchasing to the final products production and production waste recycling);
  • patented equipment, which has no analogues in the world, as well as auxiliary equipment made in Europe;
  • regular improvement and service (our own tools and mechanical workshop);
  • high production standards and regular quality control;
  • keeping timely and scrupulous records in technical documentation;
  • compliance with the written and verbal agreements;
  • obligatory legal requirements compliance checks.


Key registered documents:

  • specification #31489636.001.2001
  • manufacturing project
  • permission from the State Committee of the Labour Protection
  • hygiene certificates
  • all other necessary certificates.


The company as well as raw materials and products are being regularly checked by State epidemic control institution, environmental protection inspection, radiological control is being conducted on regular basis.

Contact information: +38 (0472) 65-14-84 (office)